Our mission is to empower leaders to expand organizational and societal effectiveness by amplifying human-centric collaboration and innovation

Leaders for Good is a purpose-driven leadership design boutique based in Washington, DC serving clients globally.

We equip organizational change-makers and social activists with the visionary and emotional capacity to stay resourceful amidst uncertainty and lead into the unknown.

We have codified the emerging leadership model, naming it human-centric leading, which is already being used in bits and pieces by leaders throughout the economy. Instead of doing things piecemeal, we teach leaders how to become and stay deliberate, regardless of the situation.

Human-centric leading is a simple yet powerful leadership tool that brings out the best in people, while solving common organizational and societal problems at the root level.

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Leaders for Good and human-centric leading are spearheaded by Eleni Pallas, yet supported by many people. We’re working together directly and indirectly to spread the message on how to lead in ways that reinforces what’s best for humans and our highest potential.